Experienced Support Attorney Protecting Sonoma County

Zimmerman Law Offices has been committed to protecting the futures of children and their parents for nearly four decades. One of the ways in which we help Petaluma residents is by ensuring that they and their children receive the financial assistance they need following a divorce. Whether you’re currently struggling with a dispute involving child support or spousal support (e.g. alimony), family lawyer Jeffrey Zimmerman can help.

Child Support

Following a divorce, the last thing you need to concern yourself with is the financial security of your children. After all, upending the family you’ve worked so hard to create has a way of both accentuating your anxiety and placing things in perspective. With more than 35 years of experience helping Sonoma County families overcome child support issues, Zimmerman Law Offices is proud of its reputation as a premier family law firm.

Spousal Support

It’s not just your children that may require financial assistance to maintain their current standard of living. Spouses who earn less income and/or possess a unique set of needs — be they childcare-related or otherwise — need the assistance of an experienced family law attorney in order to receive the help they need. Contact family lawyer Jeffrey Zimmerman now to protect your future.

A Better Future for You & Your Loved Ones

Family law attorney Jeffrey Zimmerman has been providing compassionate legal counsel to Petaluma families long enough to know that there is nothing straightforward about child support and spousal support issues. No matter how dire your situation may seem, Zimmerman Law Offices can help you and those you love most secure the outcome you deserve. Schedule your initial consultation today to learn more.

Zimmerman Law Offices proudly represents Petaluma families in support cases, including those involving child support and spousal support. Contact our office at (707) 763-9525 for more information.