Professional High Net Worth Divorce Lawyer Representing Petaluma Families

person facing divorce removing wedding bandWhile many elements of divorce are the same no matter who’s doing the separating, there are certain aspects of high net worth divorces that set them apart from those with fewer assets. Perhaps the most notable difference is the need for high earners to keep a lower profile, particularly if they’re among the subset of California’s population that traffics in celebrity and/or notoriety.

Protecting Your Privacy. Defending Your Legacy.

In addition to his nearly 40 years of experience, family attorney Jeffrey Zimmerman takes great pride in providing legal counsel as reliable as it is discreet. Jeffrey has a reputation for handling complicated divorce proceedings in a prudent, efficient and understated manner. Zimmerman Law Offices will tackle your case as aggressively as possible, albeit with the tact and subtlety that your delicate situation requires.

Your Bridge to a Brighter Future

There are many moving parts to a high net worth divorce, and each requires the focus and compassion of an experienced family law attorney. Fortunately for Sonoma County families, attorney Jeffrey Zimmerman is committed to providing a safe and discreet forum for each and every client. Schedule your initial consultation now to learn more about what separates Zimmerman Law Offices from other law firms in California.

Zimmerman Law Offices has represented residents of Petaluma in high net worth divorce cases for nearly 40 years. Call (707) 763-9525 now to learn more about how family law attorney Jeff Zimmerman can help you.